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The Servitude Of Jesus

Servitude of Jesus: Text

Isaiah 42:1-17

I. IN CHRIST, SERVICE AND FREEDOM WERE PERFECTLY COMBINED. He gave the service of being, the service of work, the service of suffering, the service of worship, the service of rest each to the very highest point of which that service is capable. But when He came, knowing as He did all to which He was coming, He came with these words upon His lips, "I delight to do it."
1. There was His own high purpose, which had armed Him for His mission, and never by a hair's-breadth did He ever swerve from that.
2. There was the law. The law had no right over Christ, and yet how He served the law, in every requirement, moral, political, ceremonial, to the smallest tittle.
3. There was death, that fearful master with his giant hand. Step by step, inch by inch, slowly, measurably, He put Himself under its spell, He obeyed its mandate, and He owned its power.
4. To His Heavenly Father what a true Servant He was, not only in fulfilling all the Father's will, but as He did it, in always tracing to Him all the power, and giving back to Him all the glory.
III. THERE IS A DEPTH OF BEAUTY AND POWER, OF LIBERTY AND HUMILIATION, OF ABANDONMENT AND LOVE, IN THAT WORD "SERVANT," which none ever know who have not considered it as one of the titles of Jesus. But there is another name of Jesus, very dear to His people, "The Master." To understand "the Master" you must yourself have felt "the Servant."

Have you ever thought of Jesus as a servant?

Jesus Christ laid aside his Majesty to come to earth to show us the love of God. As a result, this action displays the attributes of Jesus as a servant-leader.

There is no doubt that when Christ came to earth, he revealed his skills as a leader, However; he also showed himself as a servant.

Jesus’ ministry has a strong foundation in servant hood. On one occasion, he told his disciples,

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:12-13)

These are the words of a faithful servant.

Christ’s life and death on the cross are the supreme examples of his commitment to being a servant. There are several passages of scripture within the Bible that define the servant role of Jesus.

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